we’re here to bring joy and connection to our community by serving high quality, delicious small-batch ice cream made with care, right here in edmonton.



There isn’t anything in the world quite as nice as going out for a scoop of ice cream. Owners Paula Shyba, Nicole Bhar and Candyce Morris have always loved stopping into ice cream shops when visiting other cities and have long dreamed of having fantastic neighbourhood ice cream shop right here in Edmonton.

In 2019 they took the leap and opened Kind Ice Cream in Ritchie, with the intention of creating a beautiful community-based shop where all are welcome. It’s about more than delicious ice cream. It’s about bringing people together and serving up joy. Come with your friends, come solo, bring your family, make some memories.

Kind Ice Cream is Edmonton’s ice cream shop.

OUR ice cream

Our aim is to make the best ice cream you’ve tasted.

All of our ice cream is chef-driven, crafted thoughtfully by our team to include exceptional ingredients. All of our flavours are created batch-by-batch right here in our shop in Ritchie, so the ice cream that we make is as fresh and smooth as it gets. We’re proud to offer both dairy and vegan ice creams, with a focus on taking classic ice cream flavours and turning up the dial on quality to create scoops that are unbelievably delicious.

Along with our 12 Always Flavours, we offer Rotating Flavours that give us the ability to craft seasonal flavours celebrating Alberta’s best ingredients and artisinal producers and for a chance to get creative and sometimes a little bit weird - but good-weird (hello, cookies and sour cream!).



We aim to leave a big mark on the city, but a small footprint.

That’s why we’re committed to reducing our waste by using compostable cups, spoons and napkins and limiting our single-use items by providing washable tasting spoons and water cups. We welcome our visitors to bring in their own bowls for ice cream scoops.

We believe that businesses of all sizes have the responsibility to put sustainability first and we strive to lead by example in our endeavor to make the world a better place.